Rare Occasions

Greetings WordPressers,

I spent most of today inside. I cleaned my room which still needs a lot of organizing but you can see progress in the corners and sides. I’ve dusted off the walls. I’ve moved things around and got rid of things.

I had a book report, which I finished in about 20 minutes.

I also gave my candidate a vote while phone banking from home. This was from a very sweet 90 year old woman in the middle of my state. I don’t like bothering elder people who might want to live their last days in peace, with political phone calls, and bit my lip, as the campaign expected me to talk to anybody. But I was so happy to talk to her on the phone, and she was so sweet to me, and happy to talk to me, when I hung up, I was nearly crying. My mom ran over because she was concerned that I had been emotionally hurt, but the woman was so sweet, and this exchange was so rare, it made me feel emotional in a good way. I set down my headphones and made a tally mark on my notepad.

I am so fortunate to have talked to her. She recognized I was younger because I sound about 7 years younger on the phone, which I don’t like. But, as long as I am getting the vote out I shouldn’t be worrying about that.

I’ve had a very nice, and rather uneventful past week which, in recent months, has been uncommon.

I have school tomorrow, and I have  a few writing assignments. I hope I can stop procrastinating.

Yours Truly,

Empress of Procrastination



7 thoughts on “Rare Occasions

  1. mahjabeen

    have fun with ur nearly cleaned room!!saying that..i gotta do mine, but like i never stop procrastinating, i do it for like everything!! last time i did it was like1 or 2 months ago!!dont u get that feelin of satisfaction after tho??its just like, finallyyyyyy:)

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