Wait… Can I Just Breathe For A Minute?

Let me explain…

My week has been the craziest week in a million forevers. Oh my good god, it was just insane. I am telling you SOOO insane. SOOOO confusing. As a result of this, Raven Wings has been on hiatus.

I’m back though. But if things get any crazier, I don’t know what I’ll do.

So, as any of you who have read posts on my blog might know I am just a little bit obsessed with politics. And I say that with sarcasm. I am not a little bit obsessed with politics. I am VERY obsessed with politics. So obsessed in fact, that I spend my life being involved in politics.

So, this week mainly consisted of that. For the first part of the week, it was the usual writing, reading, cleaning my room. But it was kicked off by a post I published, (which I will not share to protect my privacy) which went all over Facebook, and was very controversial. In fact it went semi-viral. After stressing about hate, things went back to normal. Then on Wednesday I went to a fundraiser for the only person who will prevent Donald Trump from being the United States President. I was 5 feet away from Hillary Clinton while she spoke and was honored and amazed by her presence. Then she looked straight at me for what seemed like a long time, and we smiled at each other and I was so shocked. The person who will probably be President LOOKED at me and smiled at me. I am also getting a thing signed by her. Then, right when I was walking out of a place that seemed like heaven on Earth, good smells, food, nice people, music and fun, I saw a woman from a major news network which I do not like, and she asked me to AirDrop her my photos. Not knowing what network she was from, I did. Then I found out and I was furious. I saw the pictures I had taken on the news that night, as well as a picture of me and my name.

When I woke up in the morning, the first thing I saw in my inbox was that the mayor of a huge city near me who I had met wanted to send me a small gift, and also gave me volunteer opportunities for more political events. I was very excited. I had to get up to go to school, and as I walked in the realization struck me that this was the last time I’d ever take classes at the school I had been a part of for 6 years. Everybody was crying, and hugging, and I was still trying to process it while trying to keep track of yesterday’s events.  Class was over, and it was all done. I would never take a single class there again. I got in the car and went to another class. I had a lot of trouble paying attention because the things on my mind were taking up too much room.

When I got home, I wrote an almost angry email to the reporter at the news station.

I feel like I am missing a whole lot of other things, but I honestly don’t know. Give me a second to breathe.



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