The Green Party – Liberal Politics With Alex

Hello everyone! It’s Alex from HappyAlex and as part of myself and Ariana’s collaborative project today I would like to talk about the political party(ies) I support. When I was little I was always thought ‘party’ just meant that politicians partied a lot and I always thought it was unfair how they got paid so much considering they were always out having such a good time and never doing any work. Anyway, now I like to think I know what a political party is and I think due to my parent’s influence I have always been more interested in left wing/liberal politics.


My Dad is a huge supporter of the Green party and is actually a member. The Green party are a very left wing party and are currently lead by Natalie Bennett. They  concentrate on the environment (but lots of other things too!). I think some of the coolest people are supporters of the Green Party and I’ve been around many of them when I go to music festivals and have visited places such as the ‘left field’ and the ‘green fields’ at Glastonbury Music Festival. This is another example of how the environment has really shaped the political parties I support. I am very passionate about the environment and decided to become a vegetarian at 11 years old and I am  interested in becoming a vegan when I move out. The Green Party is also generally made up of socialists, which is the political movement I mostly agree with.


I also generally support (Old) Labour, which is another left wing party that concentrate on the welfare of the working class. I have recently read a really interesting political book called CHAVS by Owen Jones and it gave me a really interesting insight into the working class and their role in politics and general society and how politics changes their world so dramatically. I learnt a lot about political working class heros and I generally feel like the government have completely let down the working class. The new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is a socialist too and someone who I think could make a huge positive impact on the lives of the working class and could reflect the great work the old Labour Party have done in the past.
So they’re the political parties I support. We’d both be really interested to hear you thoughts on who you support and why.

Thank you so much for reading,

Read Ariana’s post here.

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