Summer Vacation

I just returned from a plane ride back from my summer vacation which was perfect. It started with me flying to my Grandma’s and then the two of us left for a two week cruise for Europe!

Summer vacation started with cleaning my room, all the way down to the baseboards. This took me about an entire two weeks devoted to labor. In the mean time, I got the Fifth Harmony album 7/27. I feel like they came out with it at the perfect time, as it was a few days before school got out, and summer came in. I finished cleaning, and all of my favorite personal belongings were highlighted instead of a bunch of junk lying around. It made my room feel a lot more like my room.

Then, after many long months of working very hard campaigning in the presidential primaries, it was announced that my candidate won the nomination. I had decided to leave for my trip late so that I could be home during the historic moment, and campaign as long as possible. I had a party with myself in my clean room, and was so happy to be a part of history being made. The next day, I left for my Grandmother’s and Europe. I went from Hungary to Austria to Germany to Holland, and was the center of attention on the cruise ship which was awful. (I was the youngest person there).

When we came back, my mom was there, and I was very happy to see her again. We spent the next few days relaxing and swimming in the pool. Yesterday, my mom, my cousin and her boyfriend and I went to the beach. The weather was perfect and the waves were fantastic. It was the perfect place to listen to 7/27. We had just gone on a bookstore binge, so we read and ate pizza. That night, my cousin and I went shopping at H&M and Forever 21, and I actually came back with two shopping bags within an hour which deserves a plaque because I haven’t been able to do that before, especially with so much product satisfaction.

I’ve had a very hard winter, and I’m so glad it is over. This all really made up for everything and I am very grateful.

I’m especially grateful to be back here blogging, and I missed it. In a few months I will turn fourteen and hopefully things will go uphill from there.


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