Life Update + New Interests (Playlist)


It is officially summertime, and although things haven’t exactly been going as well as they have before, I’m having a nice time.

My friends are very busy and I have not been hearing from them, so I am looking towards some time alone this next week.

The school that I’m entering this summer issues lots of work over the summer, so I have reading and math almost every day in order to prepare.

I had a doctor’s visit yesterday and it was terrible. I had to do a physical in order to qualify for sports at my school. And I had to talk to the doctor. Apparently if you are over twelve you get to be asked very weird questions. Like do you smoke…??? Of course I said no. Then I had to do exercises. They also measured my vision which happens to be 20/15 which is much better than average. I was so happy to hear that.

Then they had to test my blood. I was begging my mom for any other alternative to this procedure, but there wasn’t. So I started to go into panic mode. We waited and then I had to go into a room and sit in a chair. I had to turn my head away and close my eyes because I hate everything that has to do with needles in my body. I also listened to music. And tried not to look.

I felt a small stab and thought the needle had gone out, but then I snuck a peek (which was not a good idea) and even though it had been about a minute since I felt the stab the needle was still sticking in my elbow. I chose not to see anything else and felt very faint when I left. I was weak the whole rest of the day, and ended up lying in bed for most of it. Apparently they had taken out a lot of blood, (more than I had expected they would) Anyway, I’ve completely recovered, and you can’t even see the spot under my elbow.

I saw my dad after awhile which was very nice. I’m back now and have been doing nothing very useful today.

I am using a notebook from my Grandma (pictured) in which I will recount my trip. Even though I took a journal with me I never ended up writing in it about my trip while I was there.


7 thoughts on “Life Update + New Interests (Playlist)

  1. happyalexx

    Well done for having the blood test! They’re absoloutely horrible and I LOVE Melanie Martinez. I came to apoligise to you Ariana. I took a break from the blogging world, but I should have probably communitcated that better, so I’m really sorry I haven’t been reading your blog or replying to your emails, I’ve quite simply been away from anything to do with my blog. Honestly I’m really upset with myself for being so unreliable. I’ve really missed your wonderful blog and your amazing content. You should always be so proud of what you are creating, I admire your intelligence and passion so much. I’ve missed you a lot.


    Liked by 1 person

    • Ariana

      Oh thank you Alex, you shouldn’t have. That is very sweet of you, but you have no need to apologize because I took a long break too. I’ve been on vacation. Everybody has – people have finished exams, and they are finally free, and things are changing for a few months. It’s OK! What is your favorite Melanie Martinez song?

      Liked by 1 person

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