Size M (Poem)

Maybe you don’t know this

I’ll tell you now, 

I’m larger than I look,

And I’m smaller than seem

If you didn’t understand, then 

I would show you I could fight

And then fall to ground

Because my weaknesses

Sometimes hold me down.

You could laugh away,

Because you think I’m not 

Listening to your remarks 

But it will never matter to you

Not when your words are washed 

Away with the fog of blissful amnesia.

I may be lying on the ground, 

Bruised and glaring,

Or standing on stilts, above you,

Laughing. Smiling

But still I will be the same

Fitting into size M. To you.

Age doesn’t mean anything to me.

As long as you are mature,

As long as you genuinely cry.

I let my vanity escape me.

But so do you. 

Look at me now. 

Let us shake hands.

We are on the same page.

We may climb a different mountain

But it’s just as high.

So please don’t tell me

I can’t learn from you

Thank you for learning from me.

Comment prompt: Is this relatable? 

Note: This is not my best poem, but I feel like it is easier to express these kinds of things this way because posts get boring and hard and personal when it talks about this stuff.


The Sad Tale of My Laptop + Update

At the moment I am writing on a makeshift laptop. (A.k.a. My phone with a Bluetooth keyboard in the WordPress app.)

In case you are wondering, my Macbook Pro was, let’s just say, defeated in a battle with a glass of water, and has come out, not dead, but limping from wounds. 

Although it may look fine, if you try to use it, an invisible hand controls its cursor movements. This has made me slightly depressed. Because I love my laptop. I love writing, and I love filmmaking. (I also just got a disc of the Lemonade film by Beyoncé. I was actually hoping to see some clips that I can’t find on YouTube, and I thought the whole getting a Pro instead of an Air might be lived up to for the disc drive. But enough of my rambling. The point is, I am now using my phone, so pardon my typos. 

Lemonade and my injured computer.

As for writing, that might be a little bit harder. 

I just returned from a school vacation(????) carrying heavy backpacks with a ll of our things, hiking up and down dusty hills for miles, and sleeping in very cold very windy landscapes. (It’s called backpacking) I’m very bruised. And yes, my home room teacher was there, and yes, she told us when we had to go to bed and to be quiet and not sing “Anaconda” very loudly before sunrise, and wake everybody up. That was very hard, and all of us agreed that we would rather be in Algebra class with a ton of homework. 

You would think that after returning I would be tired, but I am in fact quite energized, and feeling quite good, despite the cold that has been circulating between the 108 freshmen at my school. However, I am happy to say, that my friend S and I had blackberry lemonade and pizza and my favorite thing j’en the world, (I know, it’s strange,) burritos wrapped in tin foil.

Without further ado, I shall leave you here,

Thanks for reading!


 How to Indulge On A Cleaning Crusade ft. Strict Nanny

Earlier this year, I spent three weeks of my summer cleaning my room. Not because my mom told me I had to, but mainly because it was a mess, and frankly, it was making me a little depressed. If you walked in, you would be depressed. Clothes, layers of clothes heaped upon each other, dirt and dried leaves, and straw littering the floor. Dust on every surface. A cluttered desk, with no room to slide a computer on, let alone a thin sheet of paper. The tops of my dressers were covered in stuff, chords, stuffed animals, and with the curtains closed, it was dark. Not somewhere you would want to spend your time.

Anyway, I realized it was about time that I make my life a little less depressing. Also, it was summer time and I wouldn’t want to spend summer with a home base like this. So, I put on some music, and tackled my room. I started with the basic stuff, Clothes. I had just recently picked up a copy of “spark joy” by Marie Kondo from the library. It talked about the widely popular KonMari method, and I figured getting an inspirational book might help me deal with my little disaster.

I read it, most of it, and decided that my crusade might need to have a little help from that book. Basically, how it works, is if you have something that you don’t feel joy when seeing, chuck it. It is just making your life more stressful.

I didn’t actually use that all the way, or really go to town on it, but I definitely implemented it.

I got rid of bags upon bags of mostly clothes, without a second thought, they were in the truck, ready to go to thrift. I spent every single hour of every single day for those three weeks cleaning EVERYTHING. All the way down to disinfectant on my baseboard. The morning after I cleaned up, I woke up to what felt like a lot more oxygen than ever before. My cleaning crusade was successful.

Now, since that was just the introduction, you are probably thinking that I should be sending this to a publishing agent rather than my blog. So, let’s get into it. Basically, I’m going to teach how I did, and the steps I took, no matter how you are feeling, this will drastically improve your life. It did with mine. Now I bet you are thinking this is a script for an infomercial. (“Your life will be a depressing load of crap if you don’t buy this amazing product. You will be SO depressed. Buy 50 of these and you will get 25 cents off your next purchase, if you have a Platinum Membership Card. Only through September 24th!”)

Step 1.

Get motivated. Nothing will ever happen to your life if you have no motivation. Watch a room decor video which will probably have artificial lighting and unrealistic saturation to get pumped so you’ll want to have a room like that.

Step 2.

Size up. Survey the rubble. Remember you are stronger than a cracked plastic laundry basket, and some underwear.

Step 3.

Use music to display your confidence, and freak out the monster that is your room. Only clean rooms like good music.

(I hope that link worked)

Step 4.

Just do it. Dive into rising tides of messiness. Don’t put it off.

Step 7.

Focus! Close all adjoining doors. I cannot clean at all if I can see outside my room.

Don’t leave your laptop open, or if it is playing music, blacken the screen, so that you are not averted to it, and are tempted to use it.

Step 8.

Ze three basic rules. Any room cleaning video will have these rules.

Get your hair out of your face.

Wear the comfiest clothes ever.

Make your bed. 

Step 9.

Get all your clothes in a pile, wash them off, and/or get rid of them.

Take all of your clothes out of your drawers, and fold them up. Once the floor clothes are clean, fold them up with the drawer clothes. Although the folding will quickly become undone, it is important to do for the final, exhilarating effect.

Step 10.

Toss all trash. Wash all of your dirty dishes. Let your hand have a dish-sud bath.

Step 11.

Get it all off the floor. There will be no shoving it in the closet for goodness sakes. I want the floor clean!”

Step 12.

“You have cleaned your floor, good girl/boy!

Now I will get you some wonderful…water.”

Water helps you stay focused, and awake, and will helpyou get good stuff flowing. While you are at it, do some stretches, run a lap. Get some of those healthy endorphins.

Step 13.

“Alright. If you insist upon having chocolate, then there are some in a bowl. In the drawing room. Now, now, don’t eat too much.”

Step 14.

Do you seriously feel like your done? Well you are just getting started. After you’ve taken your stretching/water/chocolate break, you can clean your desk. First, you must have nothing on your desk. At all. Treat your desk. Dust it, polish it, make it happy.

Then, you can add your nessecities Pens, pencils Then, you can move on to things you really love. Like pictures, or pieces of paper, things, . The key is to have an unstressful room and as little clutter on your desk. Research was done, and people with a clean desk had a higher productivity rate than those with clutter.

Here is a tip: Everytime you set something on your desk, ask yourself if it really needs to be there.

Step 15.

You may have cleaned your clothes on the floor and in your dresser, but what about the closet?

Make sure everything is on its hanger and set aside any empty hangers. Trust me, you will need them.

Step 16.

Free the grime. Go wild. Clean all surfaces, dust, destroy cobwebs, clean under things and over things, and last of all, vacuum. There is so much embedded in your carpet.

Step 17.

Create your own beautiful haven.

Place things you love right in front of your eyes. Blend the best colors together. Never concentrate dark or light. Spread it out. Your room is your personal paradise. It should make you feel good and energized when you walk in.


10 Things Smartphone Owners Can Relate To


So I thought it would be fun to compile this list of what we’re all guilty of doing on our phones. Let’s go:

  1. Refresh furiously even if you know you’ll get nothing.
  2. Put a text conversation as a priority, above falling into the middle of the road along with your bike and all your school supplies. (Me, yesterday.)
  3. Feel like you’ve begun a new chapter of your life every time you download a new app.
  4. Pretend your taking a selfie when you are really secretly taking a picture of someone else. 
  5. Use your phone on the toilet.
  6. Using only suggested words on your keyboard. 
  7. When your phone lets you take 10 blurry pictures of the ground but you meet Taylor Swift it “Cannot Take Photo”
  8. You need to get out the door but your phone is still at 99%.
  9. Going to look something up and then and hour later turning off your phone and remembering you had to look something up.
  10. When you are too nervous to pick up your phone after it dropped face-down. 

14th Birthday


It is still dark, and I’m sitting in my bed with just my string lights and the light of my computer.

I turned 14 on the 5th, and that was nice, I saw my dad, and we went around town and went to Starbucks and the bookstore, etc., then I went home and prepared for a nice party with neighbors and friends.

I hate how every birthday is less and less exciting. It’s getting to the point where it just seems like a normal day, and I found myself the day before remembering it was Beyoncé’s birthday a little bit more than on my own.

I don’t know if you know this but recently I have developed a little thing for Starbucks, and go far and wide and spend a lot of money to get it. It is a very bad habit, but it is also delicious, and on my ride back to school I see so many Starbucks cups and people drinking Starbucks, I once fell off the curb, because I was so tired, and I was also thinking about it.

Today is Friday! Hooray, school will be out for the weekend, and I have campaigning plus Clara and Kastania’s birthday party.

xx, Ariana