10 Things Smartphone Owners Can Relate To


So I thought it would be fun to compile this list of what we’re all guilty of doing on our phones. Let’s go:

  1. Refresh furiously even if you know you’ll get nothing.
  2. Put a text conversation as a priority, above falling into the middle of the road along with your bike and all your school supplies. (Me, yesterday.)
  3. Feel like you’ve begun a new chapter of your life every time you download a new app.
  4. Pretend your taking a selfie when you are really secretly taking a picture of someone else. 
  5. Use your phone on the toilet.
  6. Using only suggested words on your keyboard. 
  7. When your phone lets you take 10 blurry pictures of the ground but you meet Taylor Swift it “Cannot Take Photo”
  8. You need to get out the door but your phone is still at 99%.
  9. Going to look something up and then and hour later turning off your phone and remembering you had to look something up.
  10. When you are too nervous to pick up your phone after it dropped face-down. 

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