The Sad Tale of My Laptop + Update

At the moment I am writing on a makeshift laptop. (A.k.a. My phone with a Bluetooth keyboard in the WordPress app.)

In case you are wondering, my Macbook Pro was, let’s just say, defeated in a battle with a glass of water, and has come out, not dead, but limping from wounds. 

Although it may look fine, if you try to use it, an invisible hand controls its cursor movements. This has made me slightly depressed. Because I love my laptop. I love writing, and I love filmmaking. (I also just got a disc of the Lemonade film by Beyoncé. I was actually hoping to see some clips that I can’t find on YouTube, and I thought the whole getting a Pro instead of an Air might be lived up to for the disc drive. But enough of my rambling. The point is, I am now using my phone, so pardon my typos. 

Lemonade and my injured computer.

As for writing, that might be a little bit harder. 

I just returned from a school vacation(????) carrying heavy backpacks with a ll of our things, hiking up and down dusty hills for miles, and sleeping in very cold very windy landscapes. (It’s called backpacking) I’m very bruised. And yes, my home room teacher was there, and yes, she told us when we had to go to bed and to be quiet and not sing “Anaconda” very loudly before sunrise, and wake everybody up. That was very hard, and all of us agreed that we would rather be in Algebra class with a ton of homework. 

You would think that after returning I would be tired, but I am in fact quite energized, and feeling quite good, despite the cold that has been circulating between the 108 freshmen at my school. However, I am happy to say, that my friend S and I had blackberry lemonade and pizza and my favorite thing j’en the world, (I know, it’s strange,) burritos wrapped in tin foil.

Without further ado, I shall leave you here,

Thanks for reading!



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