Size M (Poem)

Maybe you don’t know this

I’ll tell you now, 

I’m larger than I look,

And I’m smaller than seem

If you didn’t understand, then 

I would show you I could fight

And then fall to ground

Because my weaknesses

Sometimes hold me down.

You could laugh away,

Because you think I’m not 

Listening to your remarks 

But it will never matter to you

Not when your words are washed 

Away with the fog of blissful amnesia.

I may be lying on the ground, 

Bruised and glaring,

Or standing on stilts, above you,

Laughing. Smiling

But still I will be the same

Fitting into size M. To you.

Age doesn’t mean anything to me.

As long as you are mature,

As long as you genuinely cry.

I let my vanity escape me.

But so do you. 

Look at me now. 

Let us shake hands.

We are on the same page.

We may climb a different mountain

But it’s just as high.

So please don’t tell me

I can’t learn from you

Thank you for learning from me.

Comment prompt: Is this relatable? 

Note: This is not my best poem, but I feel like it is easier to express these kinds of things this way because posts get boring and hard and personal when it talks about this stuff.


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