How To Survive (And Slay) Mornings

Let’s face it, not everybody is a morning person, in fact a lot of people are late to school and work, in order to avoid facing their bed separation anxiety.

Every morning I set my alarm for 5:30. And it is for that reason. I do not like to leave my bed. Since I’ve started school, I have realized that for all these years I have taken my bed for granted.

Monday morning is the worst. Following the guilty dread of the weekend’s finish, there is that Monday gut feeling that taunts you, as you first wake up in the morning.

But having a good start to your day is going to make whatever day of the week it is manageable and much better. Besides, that having things to look forward to are going to motivate you to leave your bed.

Make your room beautiful! The first thing you’re going to see when you get out of bed is your room. It took me a long time to get myself to do this, but gradually, my room has become the beautiful perfection, or as close to it as I need. It has candles, string lights, a clean desk, floor, night stand and Beyoncé everything. In the morning, when I wake up, I am happy when I see it, not depressed. How to make this happen.

Make a routine. Make it amazing. It’s true. I am proud to say I ACTUALLY HAVE a morning routine. It is very strict. It’s strict, but strictly enjoyable. I play music. I have tea or lime water. I dance. I love putting on my makeup. Sometimes I even take dancing outside in the sunrise. I know. I sound so fake, but I really actually do this. And I don’t know what I would do without it.

BE POSITIVE! Before you go to bed, think about what you are looking forward to in the morning, whether your watching a makeup tutorial, so you are super excited for a new look tomorrow, or whether it just be listening to a new album that’s recently come out. Or maybe you got a new kind of cereal which you really want to try. Think about those simple pleasures you will experience once morning comes.

Change your attitude about it. Every morning is another morning closer to the weekend. Plus, a new day is a day full of opportunity. Maybe something exciting will happen at work, or at school. Whatever it is, be happy about morning time.

Wake yoself up! Once your alarm goes off, NEVER IGNORE IT. Turn on LED flash on your phone. When your alarm goes off, so will a bright light. Once you’ve seen that, you will never go back to sleep. It may be unhealthy, but I take about twenty minutes to use my phone in order to wake myself up in the morning. Then I head over to the bathroom and splash cold water on my face. This all seems quite brutal, but don’t worry… The next thing to do is go to the kitchen and fill up a glass with water. Squeeze half a lemon or lime into the glass, cut the other half into slices and put those in the glass, add a small bit of sugar, and drink with a straw (Straws make the drinking procedure faster) This is very delicious and somehow turns on the wake-up signals like nothing else.

Make your bed. Right away. Before you ever have any second thoughts of going back to bed.

Enjoy yourself. Get up early so that you are not in a rush to get out the door. If you have finished getting ready early, and still have extra time, turn on some music and get yourself dancing to confidence-boosting songs. It propels your whole entire day.



2 thoughts on “How To Survive (And Slay) Mornings

  1. Idle Muser

    Useful tips. 🙂
    I am a morning person. Morning person in the sense that I never get late to work. Though in these past 2 days I am rushing to go to work in morning, but I make it a point to not to get late. :p
    So I am a rushy morning person. :p


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