iPhone 6s (Rose Gold, 128 GB) Review

I recently made the switch from an iPhone 5c to a 6s. What I’ve found is major improvement.

I’ve had my 5c for two years, since I got it in October 2014. It came with the smallest amount of GBs, possible, 5, and proved to be a depressing challenge, everytime I wanted to take a photo or video. Note: I make a lot of films. This was not easy with 5GB. I valued every single megabyte and it took over my life.

At long last, I got an iPhone 6s. I could have gotten a 7 except I’m not liking the whole headphone jack deal, plus it was much more expensive. I was thinking of getting perhaps a 32GB because even that would be a lot, but my dad insisted I get 128GB so I would never run out. I love being able to utilize even iMovie on my phone. I also have all the apps that I want.

Features I Love

Raise to Wake – Being able to pick up my phone and be recognized as wanting to open it is very easy

Touch ID – This paired with Raise To Wake makes for a much faster unlocking process.

3D Touch – Seeing things quickly depending on touch. So modern.

Improved Retina screen – The screen is higher definition and sharper.

Better camera – The camera very precise, and takes much higher quality pictures.


As far as I’m concerned, I have not noticed anything I dislike about this phone, except for that fact that it is large and my hands are small.



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