Life Update – Being Female In America Today

Hi, it’s Ariana, and as you know, I live in the United States. Let’s just say that last week was not an easy one. In fact this whole past week, I’ve spent, and the majority of Americans have, struggling to get over the fact that Donald Trump was just elected president. I spent Wednesday crying, and on Monday the students at my school walked out of class and marched on the streets in protest. It’s taken a long time to realize the long-lasting effects that Donald Trump’s presidency will have on the world, and on the basic rights of humans in the United States.

Realizing that basically the only reason the first female nominee to run in a general election in America lost, was because she was simply a woman. Hillary Clinton held more governmental positions than any other candidate in American history. Donald Trump was the first to hold no military or government positions.

The hard truth is that if Clinton were male, she would have won. If Donald Trump were female, everybody would call him crazy and he’d have to run as an independent. After Clinton won the nomination, women thought they’d come a long way, but it turns out, we still have much further to go.

This is not even a matter of political party preference, this is about the fact that we are so much further behind than we thought when in comes to gender equality and race. On Wednesday, a fight broke out four girls and a boy. He was an anti-feminist, and we all ganged up on him, as he criticized us about not knowing anything about the pay-gap. We all know it is going to get much harder for us in this country. Women no longer feel safe. As I get older, it will be harder for me, and it will be harder for minorities. W0men and minorities now have a right to be scared, and a right to stand up.






What do you think?

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