Why I Love Studying?!


I just entered my second trimester of high school and I’m still figuring out what to make of it. I don’t always love doing schoolwork. In fact a majority of the time I’d rather just chill on my phone, but recently, I’ve grown fond of studying for my classes. Instead of the act of studying being a serious drag and reason to complain when I get to class, I actually enjoy the learning process and opportunities it brings. Here’s why:

  • You feel better about tests. Studying creates more confidence for me when I walk into class on a test day.
  • …And better about yourself. When I study I feel good about what I’m doing.
  • Because highlighters… A few school years ago I got a set of Yoobi mini highlighters which are slowly dying, but are still my little best buddies. There are a little under 10 and they are all different colors of the rainbow plus variations. Any cool school supplies make studying an actually fun.
  • It’s calming. 
  • Study buddies. Your mom is OK with you hanging out with your friends even if you have homework, so you can study together.
  • It’s something to do in your free time. Instead of spending my time looking at my phone, when I study it gives me something to do.
  • It’s sexy, people. 

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