How to Create Your Go-to Badass Makeup Look

These can be hard times. Usually during bad times I come out looking like a mess. Self-confidence is key to riding easily through.

You are going to want to start by reminding yourself NOT TO WEAR TOO MUCH. This is a super minimalist look, you don’t want to cover-up insecurities with this look. While doing your makeup, you want to have in mind the image of what the powerful half of you looks like.

Step 1.

Put on your favorite music

Step 2.

Use primer. This will keep your makeup on strong all day.

Step 3.

Go light on foundation if you decide to use it. Foundation will minimize the “you” in the look.

Step 4.

Put on a small bit of bronzer where you find it necessary for glow.

Step 5.

Apply a nude eyeshadow. Blend in order to create a very subtle smoky cat-eye.

Step 6.

Use dark brown eyeliner on your waterline. You may bring it up to the corner of the eye, and line that as well, but only a slightly.

Step 7. 

Create subtle wings with liquid liner to elevate your eyes, right before it slopes down to the corner. This will make you look awake and ready.

Step 8.

Apply mascara heavily to at the end of the eye, but keep it lighter as it slopes near your nose.

Step 9.

Use a subtle lip.


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