Winter Break

Hey, it’s Ariana, I want to wish you all a happy New Year.

My 2017 didn’t start of perfectly I’ll say because while on vacation I became sick with I have no idea. I still have it. I hope I’ll recover before school starts because I want to enjoy at least some of my break.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my country. I’ve been avoiding the news a lot but also thinking about how I wish I was in another country where things aren’t descending into quite so much muck. I feel embarrassed to live in a country which is being defaced. (I live in the United States by the way). My dad went abroad and he said he only thought about these country’s problems about ten times during the entire three weeks, and I was really impressed.

I’ve also been thinking about and trying to do more writing this year. Words are a real powerful weapon and a means of escape, even if it doesn’t even mean leaving your own bedroom. I’ve found it hard these days however because I am so sick, I can’t stay awake for anything. I have been looking outside at the nature around me however and feeling inspired from that. What the world around you is much more inspiring than some types of media. The way people walk and talk. Another thing I need to do this year, (this reminds me) is use up all of those writing composition books I’ve been using for years. I have about ten pages left of this old pink one and I’m sorry to be finishing it, but I’ll feel great that so many pages of handwriting and all will be sealed — completed.



3 thoughts on “Winter Break

  1. Jerrod

    Hi! It’s Jerrod and this is about The Artistics. You’ve been inactive so I just want to remind you to read the emails and if you can, respond to them so I know what’s happening haha. Also, there’s an upcoming magazine issue so I would totally need the help i could get. I’m sorry if I disturbed you in any ways, bye! 🙂


      • Jerrod

        So, the issue theme is Merry 2017 but we’re focusing on the new year since christmas is done. That’s for the magazine. But for the posts on the blog, there’s a theme which is Opportunities. 🙂


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