2016 Reflection

Wow. What a wild ride! After a quite normal year, 2015 which was nice and happy and normal (of course following 2014 which no one really enjoyed), 2016 was going to be the year that things changed. And things did change.

The beginning started off slowly. In the first week, David Bowie died. The next major event was when Prince died, and then things started to get bad. 49 people were shot dead in an Orlando nightclub, a British MP was killed for her politics. A singer was killed in Orlando. Unarmed black men were being shot by police simply because of how they looked. And then Brexit happened, and then Hillary Clinton became the first woman to be nominated to a major party and then as fast as that happened, Donald Trump got elected in November.

(We can’t forget that this year both Rihanna and Beyoncé dropped albums and it helped compensate for some of the turmoil but still…)

Personally, I’m in the middle of moving, and I just started high school, and school, really because I’ve never been to school. Also, my mom remarried this year. So personally 2016 was also a huge year.

But here’s the deal. Seeing a lot of change in 2016, (politically none of it good in my opinion) it’s a warning and a signal that a new era is beginning. 2017 probably won’t be quite so crazy. Because this year, we’ll be settling into the new world that 2016 created for us. Saying hello to this new world may be difficult for a lot of us, but we are just going to have to find out what happens.



3 thoughts on “2016 Reflection

  1. LyfWithEm

    I agree with you – 2016 was a pretty crazy year! I hope things are going ok, especially with going to school and your mum remarrying – they’re some pretty huge things to learn to deal with! I hope 2017 is a quieter year for you, and one filled with happiness and opportunities 🙂 x

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