Things to do Procrastinating Summer Reading

  1. Start a Workout Regimen
  2. Take out your old barbie dolls and experiment with them (make films, dye their hair,)
  3. Write A book. Just try it. I don’t care if you say you aren’t a writer.
  4. Learn a language on Duolingo
  5. Learn how to become really good at makeup before school starts
  6. Go on an adventure around town. Bring a friend and $30 and preferably a couple bikes and see what happens.
  7. Be a plant nanny. Get a cute lil plant and water it.
  8. Volunteer
  9. Make lots of money doing chores and don’t spend it right away
  10. Start journaling
  11. Learn how to draw pics of yourself
  12. Read another book which is long, heavy and actually much more boring than your actual summer reading

That’s it folks! What is your summer reading? Comment below. ⬇️


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