About Me

I’m a thirteen year old who has been blogging for nearly two years, writing for eight, and being interested in politics for eight.


I have always been an artist of some sort. I have always loved to write stories. I love making films, because that is a way of telling stories in a fun, engaging way.

Aside from the art of storytelling is the art of music.

When I was younger I looked at pop music with a very biased point of view, my point of view being that it was trash and I was too good for it. Then I discovered Roar by Katy Perry, and that point of view changed. Now I’m biased about pop music again, but I’m biased toward it. Go figure. (I still can’t listen to Justin Bieber, sorry I CAN’T!) Anyway, my favorite artist of all time is Rihanna. Listen to Disturbia, you’ll get hooked on it if you hear it two or three times.

Since music is a huge part of life, one should not be biased toward one kind of music, so I’ll add that classical music is naturally another favorite, I mean its kind of hard to not appreciate classical music.

raven mirror

I really admire people those of you who listen to, or find something to appreciate in all kinds of music –  you are the people with minds open to everything, so thank you! 🙂

This song was my favorite when I was around eight. It really reflects on the modern state of the world, it was written by Paul Simon in 1963-1964 about how neon lights disrupted the atmosphere. We’re having the same issue now. Neon lights? Vintage and cool! We’ll be saying the same thing about smartphones in another fifty years.

I like acting, I’ve been in a few local musicals, and would like to be in the movies I make but since I’m the one filming them, it isn’t really possible.

As for books, I like reading about political science, young adult graphic novels, just because it’s fun and Barbara Kingsolver novels, in fact, my favorite book of all time is The Poisonwood Bible, and that is by Barbara Kingsolver. It is a MUST-read!

That covers pretty much everything. There are a lot of other things I would like to say about myself, but I don’t want you to take your time reading about a person you don’t know, so I should end it here.

❤ , Ariana Milan Winter