The Tale of Raven Wings


One December day in the 2015th year A.D. a girl decided to start a blog. She had blogged before. She had experience, but on this day, she decided that she was going to start fresh. She created a new account, an anonymous profile. Then she wrote her first post. Back then, she wasn’t so sure in what direction her blog would go, but over time it evolved. One day, she came up with a pseudonym:turq2sig.jpg

Her blog by now was even more developed. She looked at other blogs, she admired the handiwork of these bloggers and her blog became even more improved as she learned from people.

The girl took bits of life and words and quotes, and wisdom and pictures and stories and pieced them together in a completed puzzle. She writes nearly everyday, pouring in her thoughts and her life tales, sharing with other creators in the world. She makes sure that her readers are entertained. She curates her blog every now and then to make it perfect for its viewers. She discusses with viewers, she gives the readers something to think about. She creates a world where ravens fly, and black cats prowl. She creates inspiration and fantasy.

Pseudonymous Ariana

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.

Henry Ward Beecher