Christmas Season Begins

On Black Friday, while I ate sandwiches stuffed with Thanksgiving leftovers, I relished in the fact that I could officially start celebrating the holidays. The only thing I really love about winter is Christmas. Why? Because it’s freezing outside. And the only thing I can enjoy is when everybody is happy and listening to cheesy but wonderful songs and stringing white and silver on a green tree.

When I was a little girl it was all about the presents. All really loved about Christmas was tearing open the wrapping paper and taking out a “dress-up dress” Now, I love Christmas because everybody’s celebrating something, and even if the world is messed up (like right now) there is family, and Christmas always stays the same.

Confession: While writing my last post I was listening to Christmas music on the radio because… I don’t know! Well, now I have “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” playing in a loop in my head. 

This Christmas I am heading south to visit my Grandma over break because she didn’t have any family to see this Christmas. My dad decided to tag along too. I’m very excited. I need a break from school, and even though I need to wait two weeks, it will be so worth it. I swear I JUST had Thanksgiving break. Fml.

But I do find myself sitting in math class, staring out the little-revealing window trying to take myself somewhere else. As a result. I get bad grades.

Anyway, I’m currently working on developing my Christmas playlist and here are the beginnings:

I’m still figuring out whether or not I should spend the money to decorate my room for Christmas, aside from the sting lights which I have year-round, my room is bare from anything Christmas.

I want to know your opinion in the comments below, should I decorate?


Why I Love Studying?!


I just entered my second trimester of high school and I’m still figuring out what to make of it. I don’t always love doing schoolwork. In fact a majority of the time I’d rather just chill on my phone, but recently, I’ve grown fond of studying for my classes. Instead of the act of studying being a serious drag and reason to complain when I get to class, I actually enjoy the learning process and opportunities it brings. Here’s why:

  • You feel better about tests. Studying creates more confidence for me when I walk into class on a test day.
  • …And better about yourself. When I study I feel good about what I’m doing.
  • Because highlighters… A few school years ago I got a set of Yoobi mini highlighters which are slowly dying, but are still my little best buddies. There are a little under 10 and they are all different colors of the rainbow plus variations. Any cool school supplies make studying an actually fun.
  • It’s calming. 
  • Study buddies. Your mom is OK with you hanging out with your friends even if you have homework, so you can study together.
  • It’s something to do in your free time. Instead of spending my time looking at my phone, when I study it gives me something to do.
  • It’s sexy, people. 

The Best Thing On Youtube

OK, so you really like two different songs. Type into YouTube their name, and then mashup, and there is a chance that some DJ guru might of just made your day.

I don’t know how exactly I stumbled upon these, but they basically made my life 100% better. Some songs I had no idea could possibly sound so good together.

Sometimes I wish the mashup could be it’s own song.

And then there is my favorite, two very different songs that can’t be listened to alone anymore:

Then there is the amazing Melanie Martinez, who seems to occupy the majority of mashups.

If you have any spare time, or want a break from your usual playlist, go to YouTube and find a mashup of your favorite artists. You’ll find something you love!

Life Update – Being Female In America Today

Hi, it’s Ariana, and as you know, I live in the United States. Let’s just say that last week was not an easy one. In fact this whole past week, I’ve spent, and the majority of Americans have, struggling to get over the fact that Donald Trump was just elected president. I spent Wednesday crying, and on Monday the students at my school walked out of class and marched on the streets in protest. It’s taken a long time to realize the long-lasting effects that Donald Trump’s presidency will have on the world, and on the basic rights of humans in the United States.

Realizing that basically the only reason the first female nominee to run in a general election in America lost, was because she was simply a woman. Hillary Clinton held more governmental positions than any other candidate in American history. Donald Trump was the first to hold no military or government positions.

The hard truth is that if Clinton were male, she would have won. If Donald Trump were female, everybody would call him crazy and he’d have to run as an independent. After Clinton won the nomination, women thought they’d come a long way, but it turns out, we still have much further to go.

This is not even a matter of political party preference, this is about the fact that we are so much further behind than we thought when in comes to gender equality and race. On Wednesday, a fight broke out four girls and a boy. He was an anti-feminist, and we all ganged up on him, as he criticized us about not knowing anything about the pay-gap. We all know it is going to get much harder for us in this country. Women no longer feel safe. As I get older, it will be harder for me, and it will be harder for minorities. W0men and minorities now have a right to be scared, and a right to stand up.





A Dose of Friday Happiness

So, another rather short week of school ended. I spent all of the day trying to get myself excited for Friday, but I was mostly just cold, hungry and tired. Last night I stayed up late performing at a concert in front of my school which was enjoyable, except for the parts where I completely messed up.

However, the prospect of late sleep and going out of town for the weekend with my Dad is getting me progressively happier.

Here is a list of things I love/make me happy:

  • Sleep (but not too much)
  • Taking decent pictures
  • Just being with friends
  • Relatability people. Teens in the 2010s crave relatability. We eat it up.
  • Just simply being with my family.
  • Coming back from shopping.
  • The smell of morning time
  • Handwriting something I actually enjoy writing.
  • Bouquets that turn out well
  • Clean rooms
  • Hot coffee on cold mornings. (or just hot coffee)
  • Weekend mornings
  • Bedtime
  • A good book + bedtime
  • That feeling when I back from school and I can finally be consumed by my bed
  • Food
  • Comfort
  • Realizing my makeup turned out much better than I thought
  • Impromptu dance parties
  • Expressing myself through singing
  • Blogging
  • Guitar catharsis
  • Simplicity
  • Sitting professionally at my laptop
  • The innocence of animals/pets
  • The absorption of good art
  • Water
  • Knowing you aced a test (never)
  • Friday afternoon parties that occur silently inside
  • Cleanliness overall
  • Pillows
  • Typing on a laptop.
  • Watching a great movie I’ve just made
  • Photography
  • Escape through writing
  • Nature
  • Feeling good about a political/social action I took
  • The first bite of dessert…

I know there are a million more things I could think of… but comment below and share some little thing that brightens your day and makes you happy.

iPhone 6s (Rose Gold, 128 GB) Review

I recently made the switch from an iPhone 5c to a 6s. What I’ve found is major improvement.

I’ve had my 5c for two years, since I got it in October 2014. It came with the smallest amount of GBs, possible, 5, and proved to be a depressing challenge, everytime I wanted to take a photo or video. Note: I make a lot of films. This was not easy with 5GB. I valued every single megabyte and it took over my life.

At long last, I got an iPhone 6s. I could have gotten a 7 except I’m not liking the whole headphone jack deal, plus it was much more expensive. I was thinking of getting perhaps a 32GB because even that would be a lot, but my dad insisted I get 128GB so I would never run out. I love being able to utilize even iMovie on my phone. I also have all the apps that I want.

Features I Love

Raise to Wake – Being able to pick up my phone and be recognized as wanting to open it is very easy

Touch ID – This paired with Raise To Wake makes for a much faster unlocking process.

3D Touch – Seeing things quickly depending on touch. So modern.

Improved Retina screen – The screen is higher definition and sharper.

Better camera – The camera very precise, and takes much higher quality pictures.


As far as I’m concerned, I have not noticed anything I dislike about this phone, except for that fact that it is large and my hands are small.


How To Survive (And Slay) Mornings

Let’s face it, not everybody is a morning person, in fact a lot of people are late to school and work, in order to avoid facing their bed separation anxiety.

Every morning I set my alarm for 5:30. And it is for that reason. I do not like to leave my bed. Since I’ve started school, I have realized that for all these years I have taken my bed for granted.

Monday morning is the worst. Following the guilty dread of the weekend’s finish, there is that Monday gut feeling that taunts you, as you first wake up in the morning.

But having a good start to your day is going to make whatever day of the week it is manageable and much better. Besides, that having things to look forward to are going to motivate you to leave your bed.

Make your room beautiful! The first thing you’re going to see when you get out of bed is your room. It took me a long time to get myself to do this, but gradually, my room has become the beautiful perfection, or as close to it as I need. It has candles, string lights, a clean desk, floor, night stand and Beyoncé everything. In the morning, when I wake up, I am happy when I see it, not depressed. How to make this happen.

Make a routine. Make it amazing. It’s true. I am proud to say I ACTUALLY HAVE a morning routine. It is very strict. It’s strict, but strictly enjoyable. I play music. I have tea or lime water. I dance. I love putting on my makeup. Sometimes I even take dancing outside in the sunrise. I know. I sound so fake, but I really actually do this. And I don’t know what I would do without it.

BE POSITIVE! Before you go to bed, think about what you are looking forward to in the morning, whether your watching a makeup tutorial, so you are super excited for a new look tomorrow, or whether it just be listening to a new album that’s recently come out. Or maybe you got a new kind of cereal which you really want to try. Think about those simple pleasures you will experience once morning comes.

Change your attitude about it. Every morning is another morning closer to the weekend. Plus, a new day is a day full of opportunity. Maybe something exciting will happen at work, or at school. Whatever it is, be happy about morning time.

Wake yoself up! Once your alarm goes off, NEVER IGNORE IT. Turn on LED flash on your phone. When your alarm goes off, so will a bright light. Once you’ve seen that, you will never go back to sleep. It may be unhealthy, but I take about twenty minutes to use my phone in order to wake myself up in the morning. Then I head over to the bathroom and splash cold water on my face. This all seems quite brutal, but don’t worry… The next thing to do is go to the kitchen and fill up a glass with water. Squeeze half a lemon or lime into the glass, cut the other half into slices and put those in the glass, add a small bit of sugar, and drink with a straw (Straws make the drinking procedure faster) This is very delicious and somehow turns on the wake-up signals like nothing else.

Make your bed. Right away. Before you ever have any second thoughts of going back to bed.

Enjoy yourself. Get up early so that you are not in a rush to get out the door. If you have finished getting ready early, and still have extra time, turn on some music and get yourself dancing to confidence-boosting songs. It propels your whole entire day.


A Day In The Life


When I wake up every weekday morning, there is nothing but blackness around me, and the small, pronouncing tinkling of my phone. It persistently gets louder and louder, so I crawl out of bed to turn it off ASAP.

I’m sure if anyone could see me, in the pitch blackness, I would look like a zombie, except of course, a lot more human. I take my phone, and then think for a few moments about what my day will be like. I am hit with the realization that there will be another day of school ahead of me. That makes me think some more. And more. This means riding my bike. It means making lunch. Then I think about my classes for that day. It is quite complicated. Especially for someone who has homeschooled their whole life.

Whatever. I decide.

I read the news. My reaction to reading the news is always a mixture between angriness in regards to Donald Trump, and happiness in regards to the fact that he won’t be my president.

I continue to look at my phone until I decide that I need to get up. Again, here comes the zombie. She just has enough strength to turn on the lights. I continue with my routine, and hours later, I am riding to school. I have a 3 mile ride each way to school. It is usually extremely foggy, and I always see the same people, same dogs, same crazy turkeys, and chickens who actually cross the road.

At some parts of the ride, the whole world is cloaked in fog, and so is the road ahead of me and the road behind. It looks like I’m on a different planet.

My first class is a science class. It is OK, the only thing is, science and I aren’t the best of friends in the whole world.

My third period is music. The problem is, the music teacher heavily favors some of the other singers. That is really hard.

I have math after that. Finally, at long last, lunch. I sit with my friends, and eat whatever I managed to find for lunch. Spanish and English classes are double-periods. I can’t say Spanish is the best, since our teacher does not know how to teach. Her class is a disorganized mess. English I love because it is fairly political and English duuuuhhh I LOVE WRITING.

The 7th and 8th periods are art or study hall. I love both (They involve reunion of me and my laptop).

When the final bell rings, it is me procrastinating getting on my bike. I am tired. Very tired. Somehow after much labor and longing thoughts of the food I’ll get once I’m home, I ride up the driveway and make a beeline toward my bed. I stay there for the rest of the day.


Since I don’t have an alarm on weekends, I treasure the fact that my bed and I can be together until death do us part, or that is to say, until Monday morning.

I stay there for awhile until I feel like I may be missing out, and then I get ready to do my election work. This next weekend I am going to another state to work on the election, just because it is coming up so soon, but on normal weekends, I just go to my local community and make phone calls there. I spend the rest of my Saturday shopping with my sister or spending time with my dad.





A few days ago, I hit 300 followers on Raven Wings. In a couple months I will have had Raven Wings for a year. Things would have been a lot different without all of my lovely readers standing by in support. 

Thank you to everybody, and let’s keep going! 


Underrated Songs

  1. Be the One – Dua Lipa
  2. Take a Picture – Carly Rae Jepsen
  3. New Romantics – Taylor Swift
  4. Intention – kiiara
  5. Lost In Paradise – Rihanna
  6. Hurt Me – Lapsley
  7. Borders – M.I.A.
  8. Devotion – Ellie Goulding
  9. Turn Me Up – Carly Rae Jepsen
  10. Ghost – Halsey
  11. Mrs. Potato Head – Melanie Martinez
  12. Dynasty Miia